Dragon Award Finalist: Best Apocalyptic Novel

Hey, I’m here to say Thank You to all of you, because you have nominated A Time to Die, and voted, making this book a finalist for the inaugural Dragon Awards. I am awed by your confidence in me, and was quite literally speechless when I found out that I was a finalist. Of course, we watched the awards ceremony avidly via several social media outlets, and had our friend Patty McIntosh-Mize there, ready, just in case.

In the run-up to the actual awards we all read Nick Cole’s book, CTRL, ALT, Revolt! and agreed that it should win, so we were not at all surprised when it took the award. Many congratulations to Nick Cole for an excellent novel, the award is well-deserved.

My thanks again, to all of you, for making this journey an excellent one so far. Here’s to many more books yet to come!

My Thanks,

Mark Wandrey

About Mark Wandrey

Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to write. After penning countless short stories, he realized novels were his real calling and hasn't looked back since. A lifetime of diverse jobs, extensive travels, and living in most areas of the country have uniquely equipped him with experiences to color his stories in ways many find engaging and thought provoking.
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