The Four Horsemen Series

The Four Horsemen Series is a shared world,  created originally by Mark Wandrey and shared with Chris Kennedy.

Here’s a sneak peek at the sketch for the cover of Cartwright’s Cavaliers:

cover sketch cartwrights cavaliers

We have the finished artwork in hand and it is *AWESOME*!!!!


Cartwright’s Cavaliers was published in december 2016, Asbaran Solutions in January 2017, Winged Hussars should be released in June 2017, and Golden Horde to follow shortly thereafter.


The Winged Hussars cover:

A Fistful of Credits Anthology Cover Revealed:

Released June 30, 2017

Titles are as follows:

Book 1: Cartwright’s Cavaliers, by Mark Wandrey. Release date: Dec. 21, 2016.

Book 2: Asbaran Solutions, by Chris Kennedy. Released January 2017.

Book 3: The Winged Hussars, by Mark Wandrey. Tentative release date June 2017.

Book 4:  The  Golden Horde by Chris Kennedy. Due out mid-2017.