Taste a new world…

This page will be the home for some of Mark’s short stories, all of which will give you a taste of new worlds. So here goes:

Individual Stories: 

Mind’s Eye by Mark Wandrey (download the PDF)



Chosen Universe:


Coming soon.


Zombie Stuff:

Dragon Award Finalist in Best Apocalyptic Novel:

A Time To Die

a time to die cover 2


Also check out his other books on Amazon:

Earth Song: Overture (Book 1)

Book 1

Earth Song: Sonata in Orionis (Book 2)

 Earth Song: The Lost Aria,  (Book 3)

Book 3

Book 3

Earth Song: Etude to War (Book 4)

etude to war cover

Earth Song: Twilight Serenade (Book 5)


Earth Song: Nocturne’s Reckoning Due out 2017.


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