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Mark Wandrey has been writing since he was a child, short stories, novels, and more, but for the last 20 years he has been seriously writing and publishing his work. He has now been a finalist for the Dragon Award twice, in 2016 for Best Apocalyptic Novel and in 2017 for Best Military Sci-Fi or Fantasy Novel.

He currently is writing in three different universes of his own creation, from the Earth Song Universe, which is a far-future space opera with military leanings, to the Turning Point Universe, which is a new twist on zombies and the apocalypse, to the Four Horsemen Universe, which is also far-future, and is definitely all about mercenaries, killing aliens, and getting paid. Earth Song and the Turning Point universes are Mark’s alone, he also created the Four Horsemen universe and shares it with Chris Kennedy and several other authors.

You can find him on Facebook, Patreon, and here at WorldMaker.us. Social media and Patreon links are at the right side of the screen. While you are over there please take a second and sign up for the mailing list, we promise to only send you updates about Mark’s books and other books in his universes, and we would never sell your information, as that’s just wrong.

Currently his published works include:

Four Horsemen Universe:

  1. Cartwright’s Cavaliers, Mark Wandrey
  2. Asbaran Solutions, Chris Kennedy
  3. The Winged Hussars, Mark Wandrey
  4. The Golden Horde, Chris Kennedy
  5. For a Fistful of Credits (Anthology)
  6. Peacemaker, Kevin Ikenberry
  7. For a Few Credits More (Anthology)
  8. The Good, the Bad, and the Merc (Anthology)


Turning Point Universe

  1. A Time to Die
  2. A Time to Run
  3. TBA


Earth Song Universe

  1. Overture
  2. Sonata in Orionis
  3. The Lost Aria
  4. Etude to War
  5. Anthem
  6. Twilight Serenade

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